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 More than half of all mothers in the United States under thirty are unmarried. Social scientists offer several theories for this trend. Family law experts often tout significant changes in the law that gives parents and their children equal rights regardless of marriage. The fifty percent divorce rate of the baby boomer generation holds sway for others. But my friend Tricia has a different idea: “We’re just tired of all your bullshit.”

Ouch. Men are aware of our original sin of making up Fake News that it was Eve who strayed first with the forbidden fruit. We rationalize behavior of our brothers by blaming biology. While it is true that the laws of nature predate the laws of marriage, the fury of a woman scorned has its roots in those same laws of nature. I was a romantic college freshman far from my Missouri home when I first heard a woman say in earnest, “I’m going to marry the man who is least likely to cheat on me.” Whither romance? No, but fellas: More women are cheating, too. And they’re usually better at hiding it.

Clients often ask me, ”Will having an affair effect my divorce?” It’s a good question nowadays, given the amount of misinformation online. It’s fair to wonder if being a faithful spouse matters at all to anyone anymore (other than your partner). From the White House to the Governor’s Mansion in Missouri, the sanctity of marriage has taken some hits lately. Back in the Bill Clinton days, parents hoped their children didn’t fathom the full meaning of “the stain on the blue dress” mentioned daily in the news. What effect will hourly broadcasts of “The President’s lawyer paid $130,000 to a porn star” have on our children?